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A4Q speedometer failure

My wife and I drove our '97 A4Q out to Ohio last weekend, the first long trip
we've made in the car.  On the way, the speedometer began fluctuating a lot
and then finally quit.  At the same time that it began acting up, the "check
engine" light came on (since the engine management system gets a speed
signal, apparently for purposes of imposing the 130 mph maximum).  The
odometer stopped working, too.  After 20-30 miles, the speedometer came back
to life but it stopped again intermittently.   

I figured it was probably a bad speed sensor, since the rest of the dash
instruments were working fine.  Back home in Maryland, Tischer Audi agreed
and replaced the sensor under warranty.  So far so good.  Since I haven't
seen any other postings on A4 speedometer failures, this is probably an
isolated incident.  I thought I'd pass it on, however, just in case anyone
else has run into a similar problem.

Rick Foster