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Re: alphabet soup (fwd)

Louis A. Mulieri wrote:
> Hi.
>         1996 was a banner year for me; getting ready for the big 60 in 97.
> I(1)
> joined a gym, started pumping iron ,(2) bought my first Audi ,1988 5000cs,
> turbo and fuel injection 

Good choice and welcome to the group!

(and for all I know ejection seats)

Say what??

> pearlwhite,
> black and great leather interior.  I am madly  wildlly and deeply in LOVE.

You should be. A pearl white has always been my No1 choice, it just
happened that my Audis always wear a different colour. Wait till you
chip it up to 300hp like mine, or Eric's or Scott's (PDQ collection) or
many other's on the list and start blowing everything around you in the
weeds, including non-turbo Porsches, non-ZR1 Corvettes and almost
everything below them on your 2ton "old fart's" 4 door sedan. In the dry
and in the wet, asphalt or snow, strait line or twisties. Best of luck
with it, Louis!

> I got on the net and subscribed to this very active list
> in late 1997.  This could become an adddition.

It will, trust me (just ask mine or almost any other lister's wife, er
"quattro widows", like they call themselves).

>         My question????? Would someone give me a lesson in alphabet soup.
> Like ur  I haven't been able it figure it out from context.  Other
> abbreviations you think a new comer might need..

UrQ= Ur (original in German) Quattro, the wild turbo quattro coupe with
wide flared fenders. Very sought after by most Audisti and usualy

BTDT=been there done that

YMMV=your mileage may vary

PITA=pain in the ass

WOT=wide open throttle

IMHO=in my honest opinion

etc. I am sure other listers will continue. Ask as you encounter them.
Have fun on this very informative list.

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ