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Re: replacements for P700Z's?]

In a message dated 97-01-05 23:33:11 EST, you write:

<< relative merits of A008 or newer Pirelli, but I'd love to try the 
 baddest Pirelli & the Michelin Pilot . . .
Haven't tried the P's (love the 210's, but the 600/700 left a bad taste)....
 Did run in a q club event in the rain with a 95 M3 with the pilots....
 Awesome, some ammo for sure to the whole q advantage....  At the expense of
average dry performance, actually had to work to chase down Ms Andersons 90q
with R1's....   They were better in rain than the 8000, but not enough to
pass up the 8k's awesome dry performance, and above average rain
performance....  I'd still go with the 8000....