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Re: Transplants

In a message dated 97-01-05 23:56:09 EST, you write:

<< > Fellow Audians; I had a crazy thought this weekend and figured I'd
 > throw it out to the experts. I heard about a 1993 Audi 100 CS QUATTRO
 > Wagon that's for sale and I started wondering how difficult it would
 > be to transplant the engine/transmission and associated and necessary
 > parts from my wrecked (in the rear) '91 Audi 200TQW into the 100 CSQW.
 > TIA for your help and expertise. Greg.
 Wow! A beautiful idea. You are aiming at the now deceised S6 Avant for a
 fraction of the cost! Should be pretty straight forward. I have never
 performed an engine transplant, but maybe real experts can give you some
 insight. Scott (PDQ), care to comment?
Should be pretty simple...  Both are torsens, I'm assuming the 100 is an I5?
 If not, you could be changing quite a few pieces, and have a driveshaft
prollum....  But the S4 uses the 20vt, so I doubt it's close to rocket
science....  I vote, go for it.... The nitemare will be the harness and
computer, not the engine swap....  I'll bet it's easier than the 20vt urq
conversion that a buddy of mine is taking on (and you know I'm watching that
one closely)......  Sure do like the idea of an R/S2 avant here in the US of
A...  It's gonna be tight in there.....