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Re: "Hey Mister, ya wanna buy some lights?"

On Sun, 5 Jan 1997, Graydon D. Stuckey wrote:

> On Sun, 5 Jan 1997, Dave Head wrote:
> > >lights from the S2...
> > >
> > >It is a one piece system, with the integrated blinker lights that are 
> > >clear. It will take the H1/H4 bulbs.
> > >
> > 
> > Shouldna posted yer address, Bob - there's people will track ya down fer
> > them things...
> I thought I heard Brendan say something about a short 'business' trip to 
> the east coast...  Wait a minute, he's a student, not a business man!  
> Hmmm.....
> Bob, you better lock up that 20V motor too!  Brendan wants 
> more power you know.
> :-)
> Later, ---------------------------------------------------------- 
> Graydon D. Stuckey 	'85 Mazda RX7 GS, no toys 
> graydon@apollo.gmi.edu 	'86 Audi 5000 CS Turbo Quattro, has toys
> Flint, Michigan USA	'89 Thunderbird SC, lotsa toys
> > 
Did I hear something about Euro lights and more power?   A business trip
wouldn't be all that bad, besides Connecticut isn't all that far from
Michigan and the first few days of school isn't really important....
Bob, good-buddy-'ol-pal, (sad puppy dog eyes) the Steamboat Q-club event
isn't far off and I have family in Colorado that loves house guests. I
also know a lot of Audi owners that might let you co-drive in the event...
Just a thought....
See you in 15-20 hours... :-)

Brendan Rudack
'88 90Q in need of more light and POWER!
Fenton, Michigan (formerly Boulder, Colorado)