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	I have looked into the swap thing pretty hard.  Looking at both 
Audi swap and non-Audi motor into Audi.

	Deal here is pain tolerance and cost.  I am guessing the cost on 
the 93 100QW is what, 23+?  If you have great confidence in your 
mechanical abilities, and both cars sitting side by side, the job will be 
hard but can be done [20-30hr min., assuming you have all tools, nothing 
breaks, etc., etc.].  Real question in my mind is:  why not just buy 
another 91 20vt wagon.  You can get into one for probably 5-7k less than 
the 100QW, and, after the swap, you can argue you still don't have as 
much car.  As Scott said, it WILL BE TIGHT.  Job is easier if you are 
swapping one turbo motor for another [intercooler, et. al.].  

	Greg, I have not seen your wrecked 91, but I would still 
guarantee you can rebuild that car for WAY less than the swap you are 
talking about---unless the 100 car is selling for 10-12k [ain't happenin'].

	Best advice, IMEO, either buy the 100 and be happy; fix your 
wreck; sell me your wreck and buy another 91.  If you collect your 
insurance in the right way, sell the salvage on the 91, you should be 
able to find a comparable 91 and have cash in your pockect for mods.  

	Good Luck,