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Re: Audi Weisbaden Radio...

Re; the non-working radio in your 87 5KCSTQ...
It probly has a blown fuse.
Pull the radio out of the dash and find a little black plastic fuse cover on
the back of it.  
The fuse is an odd size which can be found at Radio Shack.
To pull the radio...insert four fat wires in each of the four corner holes
in the faceplate.
There are clips in there which are released by the four wires (or nails or
whatever you can find that fits and is stiff).  It helps if the wires are
close to the same size as the holes and have flat (not pointed) ends. The
flat ends will allow you to feel a stop when they are inserted the right
distance.  Finishing nails about three inches long will work. 
Once the four thingies are inserted properly, pull the radio straight toward

David Conner  Columbus, OH 
'87 5KS,  '89 100E, '86 4KCSQ