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Re: Hella XL's

Re: where /how to mount these lights, I'd like to suggest another possibility.
I saw a maroon 5000 here in Columbus a while back with PIAA dual fog and
driving lights mounted flush in the grille, just inside of the headlights.
Cutouts were made in the grille to do this and it gave a very neat
appearance.  I didn't look under the hood to see how they were attached.
It would seem this approach would beat cutting into the bumper because it is
heavy gauge stuff aluminum, plus the cover, etc.
The local boneyard will sell a grille for $10, so if one wanted to practice
first, the price of messing up the grille would be low.
HAs anyone considered this mounting location, or given it a try?
Dave C.

>From: "Dupree, Robert A." <rdupree@sidley.com>
>Date: Tue, 21 Jan 97 09:02:00 PST
>Subject: Hella XL's
>>Hella XL - US DOT approved low beam auxiliary - 99.95 @ Pep Boys   
>>wires, 55W H3s, and switch.
>>They look pretty nice above the bumper (where they're supposed to be   
>I went out and looked at the pictures on Powell's site.  This setup seems   
>to be ideal especially viewed from a rebundancy point of view.  From your   
>experience, would it be possible from a structural / logical point of   
>view to mount them from inside the bumper assembly, shining out through   
>carefully cut holes?  It seems like that could be a really good looking   
>alternative.  Flames dealing with my relative level of sanity can be sent   
>to me direct...   :)
>Thanks In Adavnce,
>Robert Dupree
>'87 5000CS Quattro>