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5.0 Flaming...AH BOBD....20V thermostat

Bob, luv those 5.0 Mustangs, said: 
>Oh Oh. I just sent the Mustang flames to the list didnt I.
>Sorry to all...I get this twitch when a mustang THINKS it can beat an 

Err Bob, don't you own one of dem mustangs.  built in 1969
or 1970.  Color of preference grabber orange....

...called a Boss 302....

Required quattro content...wanted to replace the thermostat on
my CQ.  Looked at the %$###%$^$!!! Bentley for the procedure.
Of course they have a picture of the 10v motor on the page that 
said Coupe...removed the supposed hose to get at the thermostat.
Suprise! Its not there.  Looked at the car...have to remove bodywork,
remove the hydraulic pump to get at the thermostat, which is connected
to the lower hose.

Dohhhhhh!  Give me a turbo 10v. 

BTW : How long do Audi H20 pumps last???

Peter Schulz
1990 CQ 102kmiles (Koni adjustables, tuned nicely, thanks Scott J!)