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Re: Cheap filters....

Mark Quinn said:

> As I still have the old Audi filter off my A4 that I just
> replaced, I'll have a go at dismantling it & will report back (I can just
> see the look on my wife face once she see the mess THIS is likely
> to make!)

EEEEK!!!  Mark, buddy, don't do it!!!!!  Even I don't want to be 
blamed for that much mess!!!!!!!!  Use a new one and save yourself a 
lot of goo...even if it costs a few bux.

> Just per your diatribe on Fram...  Although I dont dispute your 
> statements (I don't know enough to do so), Consumer Reports
> did a 'bit' on oil filters a couple years ago, and Fram came out
> on top.  I know this is old info (and no flames on "Consumer
> Retorts" (Igor)  please) but still interesting nonetheless.
> Oh hell, in the interests of science, maybe I'll go ahead and 
> dismantle the Fram I bought also (Al, it was $2.98, not $1.98!)

A couple of years back, I bought three or four filters and hacked all 
of them (it was a good excuse not to work on my dissertation...) and 
the Fram was the flimsiest inside.  Put me off them forever.....

Now, the fact PROBABLY is that oil filters are not rocket science, 
and maybe all we really need is a 1/16" piece of filter paper....but 
if I can do better and have a chance to lengthen engine life, I will. 
 If you find an Amsoil dealer, many have a display showing one of 
their filters taken apart.  It's impressive.



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