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Euro-Light Alternative (Rambling Story...)

Igor Kessel, aka: e6941tb@gnn.com wrote (in regard to the quad-
headlight setup from the earky 5K series):

> I have a perfect quad set, that came off my ex-5000s '85 FWD. On that
> car I went through (an admittedly dumb) trapezoid DOT 9004 headlight
> conversion. Did not improve the lighting a bit, although looked better.
> If anyone is interested in following Scott's suggestion, you can have
> those complete quad assys. Make me a (reasonably low) offer.

Folks, this is a GOOD suggestion from Scott and Igor.  Unka Bart, may 
I borrow your story-tellin' hat fer a moment??  Thanks aw'fly....

Now friends, back in 1977 I bought a chevy Monza Spyder, 305 V-8 and 
lotsa git-along (currently for sale, check my web page...).  Anyhow, 
I immediately decided the headlights were the original dim bulbs, and 
changed them.  This car had the small quad rectangular headlights, 
just like the early 5K series.  What I did was this - for 
high beams, I put in new GE halogen sealed-beams.  For LOW beams, I 
bought a set of Hella headlights for $41.95....1977 price.  I must 
say that this combination of lights was extremely effective!!!!

The story continues: since I realized in November that I was going to 
sell my long-treasured Monza Spyder, I decided "Why sell those great 
old Hella lights with it?  They'll fit my '85 Chevy pickup.  I pulled 
the Hella lights (same set of 9003 lamps as installed in 1977 - how's 
that for longevity??) and re-installed a standard set of low beams.

Here, the story gets quirky: I was in Washington, and needed to get 
those headlights to Texas.  How to do it?  I decidd to go for broke 
and look for the *original* box!  I clearly remembered that I had 
put the factory lights into the Hella box and stored them.  I went 
into the house, and said, "Dad, do you have any idea where the box 
for those Hella lights in my Spyder might be?"

He put on his coat, and we went out to his shop.  Looked in "the 
headlight dept."...no luck.  Then we went into our big storage barn, 
and he looked around for a moment, pensively.  Then pointed at a tire 
leaning against a nondescript, dusty open-front plywood storage unit. 
He said "look behind that tire."  Voila!  A bright yellow, 1977 
Hella headlight box - with original Chevy headlights tucked neatly 
into the styrofoam recesses for the Hellas.  Also in the box were the 
installation instructions and all original packing materials, waiting 
for me since 1977.  Is this a system, or WHAT??? (I should know 
better than to ask that...)

So I used the original Hella box inside a larger box and shipped 
the lights to TX with no damage.  BTW - Hella also included an 
adapter which plugged into the Chevy sockets, and which neatly 
adapted the Chevy wiring to work with the 9003 lamps.  They work just 
as well on my '85 pickup!!

Actually, I was mainly looking for a chance to tell this story...19 
years is a long time for something like this to wait for me...

But the point (if any) is:  The quad headlights with a good set of 
Hella aftermarket headlights and a set of sealed-beam halogen high 
beams are DAMN good!!!!  I can attest to it, and I can prove it!! Any 
of you who wanna some to Bryan TX, drink a Shiner Bock with me and 
check the headlights in that ole Chevy pickemup truck will be 

I now return the story-tellin' hat to Unka Bart, with thanks.

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