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A4 Aftermarket Contacts

As so many A4 owners asked, here are the two contacts for the A4
aftermarket shops that had cars at the LA Auto Show.

The first was a silver one from a shop called Wheel Power, Inc.  The A4
had a very good looking body kit, smoked tail lenses & side markers,
lowered, H&R springs, new front air dam and grille, Remus cat-back
exhaust, bigger throttle body (their own, not Schaumburg), K&N filter
and 18 INCH MAE WHEELS (yes, 18 inch wheels).

This car looked very clean, and not aftermarket.  The wheels had about
1/2 inch of clearance, and I think if they were turned in a bump
situation it would be a nightmare.  It also had an unknown chip (+10
hp).  The guy I spoke with alleged that he can get ABT kits and parts,
as well as any other Audi tuners in US or overseas (except

Contact: Wheel Power, Inc.
         700 Richfield Road
         Placentia, CA  92670
         714-996-2333 (phone)
         714-996-7888 (fax)

The other A4 was the first A!Avantgarde I have seen in person.  It was
red and it looked AWESOME.  The sales guy said it had just arrived from
Germany the day before, and he knew nothing about price or the exact
upgrades made.  This outfit was the European Car famous CEC (Claus
Ettensberger Corp.).  They will be the only A!Avantgarde importers in
the states.

Contact: Barry Borin
         Claus Ettensberger Corp.
         10349 Santa Monica Boulevard
         West LA, CA  90024
         310-203-3900 (phone)
         310-203-3909 (fax)

HTH you A4 owners with big ca$h.

Former QCUSA #356
'90 80Q