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Interesting Audis FS

I believe a few of you are looking for wagons:

>From this Sunday's paper:

'94 100csQW Silver/gray, 35k 3rd seat Bose $28k
'93 S4Q 67k  red/black lthr $25k
'95 S6 Q Green/ecru lthr $35k
Don Rosen Imports 610-279-4100   Reading, PA (I think this is an Audi 

Also '89 200Q lthr new tires $8750  610-559-9215

No affiliation, just passing on the info...

Steve Jagernauth  ------------->   sjagernauth@attmail.com
'87 5ktqw,  '87 5kt ,   '88 5ks,  '74 911/3.0