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Hella drawings are here!

Hi all,

Some time ago, I was thinking of fitting different lights to my car. As I'm
a great fan of Hella's DE technology (fitted as standard to every BMW here)
I looked into which systems might be adaptable for use in my Audi.
BMW's units were a possiblity, but rather expensive. However, the
aftermarket twin-round units for the VW Golf III (current model) and VW
Passat III (recently superseded) looked about OK. The only things left to
do were measuring the units, making up an adaptor frame and somehow making
bezels around the lights that fitted the apertures of my car.
I tried the Dutch Hella importer for the measures (no-one in my area had
the lights in stock) but although they promised to find me something,
months went by and no info arrived. Imagine my surprise when a bunch of
technical drawings arrived in the mail today! Thank you very much, Sluyter
At the time, several listers were interested in this conversion, among whom
UrQ owners. I did a mockup in Photoshop of this setup for the UrQ, and it
looked very good, much like the Rally Lancia Delta Integrales did.
Unfortunately, after my recent e-mail crash, I can't find out who the
interested listers were, but perhaps you're still out there.
I'm willing to get these drawings out (scan and send?) to everyone
interested. Believe me, *no* Euro light conversion can beat the pre-focused
DEs! Short of getting the Xenon stuff ($$$$) this is about the best setup
you can get. Apart from that, it looks very cool, much like a rally car.

Any takers? Let me know...


1988 80 1.8S

PS Good news for us in Holland: as of Jan 1st, the government has abolished
the last mandatory sticker on our car: an ugly windscreen thing, introduced
in the 70s, without any real function for which you had to pay $$ each
year. Sort of like the UK tax disc, but it didn't indicate anything about
your tax status. Just cynical fundraising, and ugly to look at as well.
After the abolition of the inspection sticker last year, this makes our
cars a little nicer to see... now let's do something about those ugly
number plates! What's next? Well, lower road tax... but ridiculously high
fuel tax! Aaaargh!

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