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V8 or not to V8

Robert F. Dunne wrote:
> Paul,
> I am looking for a V8 (I have a 200t now). Have you been pretty happy with
> it ? I've heard that the maintenance is much higher than the 5k/200. Have
> you found that to be the case ? Is it basically the same size as mine ?
> I have looked at a few from a far and they look like the same body but
> don't know for sure...
> Thanks,
> BobI love my V8. At 144K, it has been a wonderful car.
Additional expense of maint. comes from the timing belt/misc. behind the 
cover parts (rollers, water pump, etc.). Other than that, this car has 
required less repairs than my  86-5KQT by a long shot.
Only defective pats have been rack, trans switch, 2 hoses, 1 starter,
first water pump (at 143K miles, replaced for good measure, was not 
leaking yet).

I have the upgraded brakes (no ufo's) and rotor cost is a lot more than
the 5K's but overall, I love my car.
Would I buy another V8? Absolutely!. I would buy a 92 (4.2 motor)
and find one well maintained by an owner who cared.
We have had a blessed history of cars in our family. The V8
has been everybodies favorite. Of our fleet, it is the most requested
car for any journey.

I have a Mercedes 190E-2.3-16V, and it has required far more repairs than
my V8, maybe on a 2:1 ratio (2 Water Pumps, Steering Box, 4 Sets of motor 
mounts, fule injection junk, etc.) and it has only 95K miles on it.

Don't ask about the Alfa Milano, it is just getting finished in a 
restoration with it's third motor in 125K miles. 

Look in Autoweek, there have been ads for 92' V8's. 
If you get a  earlier one, make sure the brakes have been changed to
the regular good ole normal type.

Good luck!
Paul Rivera
90 V8.
A4 1.8tq on order.