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FW: Mud flaps

I would like to purchase mud flaps for my A4.  The dealer informs me that 
they are currently not available, as Audi has changed suppliers (they claim 
to have called Audi of America, etc.).  Are there aftermarket mudflaps that 
anyone would recommend?  I was on 78 in NJ @ 1 month ago and noted a blue A4 
with nice flaps with the Audi 4 ring insignia.

For those who find use of mud flaps heresy, I drive a lot on back roads 
(with sand and gravel treatment during the winter), and prefer to attempt to 
preserve the paint on my car.

BTW, I have been lurking and enjoying the qlist - many thanks to those 
listers (esp. Dan Masi) regarding car phone (reinstalled motorola with 3W 
kit) and aftermarket stereo (decided against) installation in the A4.

Thanks,   J Klees   (kleesj@basf.com)
     96 A4Q 2.8 blue
     87 5kQ (mourned, but not forgotten)