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Re: RS2 Sluff

QSHIPQ@aol.com wrote:
> Again 325hp and 400ft/lbs of torque from a 2.3 liter motor is nothing short of an engineering wow.....  

Couldn't agree more! I'd love to be burdened with on of these 
"cramped" & "relatively unimpressive" bad boys!

The turbo, intake and exhaust manifolds are the wonders,

Love it- got this exhaust wonder on my car . .!

 not the brakes or the styling....  Not sure even the sport quattro 
can claim that....  As a q ship, this has the qualities worthy of 
intense study, S1 or A4 aside.  Having put 10 configurations of turbos 
in my car for testing, they all now run a RS2 derived turbo.  In the 
k2x series the hot side of that turbo outperforms larger turbos 
porsche themselves plant.....
Is there an iteration of this turbo that won't sacrifice low end for 
more power (on a 20v), or am I asking the impossible?