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Re: RS2 Sluff

In a message dated 97-01-29 17:43:48 EST, you write:

<< Bear in mind the company it was in - there was a 600bhp S1 on one side, 
 Blomqist's A2 on another and the BTCC A4 about ten yards away.  I was 
 unimpressed because it was really not one thing or the other - too small to
be a 
 real (station) wagon, too nicely trimmed (pullout leather ski pouches in the

 rear) to carry the sort of loads I want to carry, and very cramped inside.
 driver has little elbow room, and the inward slope of the upper side 
 windows is _very_ pronounced.  It really feels very cramped indeed.  And I 
 prefer my digital dash.
 To an extent, you can give _anything_ the Porsche treatment.  The RS2 is an 
 Autobahn rocket that has sacrificed quite a lot of practicality and doesn't 
 really bring anything new - everything it does has been done before, and
 of it fifteen years ago.  The finish and standard of workmanship is _very_ 
 high indeed - I almost think it's _too_ high for the purpose.
Again 325hp and 400ft/lbs of torque from a 2.3 liter motor is nothing short
of an engineering wow.....  The turbo, intake and exhaust manifolds are the
wonders, not the brakes or the styling....  Not sure even the sport quattro
can claim that....  As a q ship, this has the qualities worthy of intense
study, S1 or A4 aside.  Having put 10 configurations of turbos in my car for
testing, they all now run a RS2 derived turbo.  In the k2x series the hot
side of that turbo outperforms larger turbos porsche themselves plant.....