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Re: possible purchase of 88Q/90 (kinda long)

Steve Manning wrote:

...let me know if you want any more info....HTH.....SLM

Wow- that was great! Based on my '89 80q experience, it's obvious you 
know what you're talking about. If your knowledge of the 91 200q is 
even close to your 90q info, I'd love to hear a bit- for example, I've 
had my 200 for a few months, and w/almost 80k miles, I'm wondering 
about shocks/struts- they pass the bounce-the-bumper test, but they 
feel a bit wallowy (compared to the 80q and my old Ur-Q).Anything you 
can contribute would be great, Steve. Needless to say, everyone else- 
jump in if you've got data. TIA