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No Subject

HI,   I am new and just love this list.  Now that all my friends are 
tired of hearing me talk about my new car this provides a healthy outlet 
and I am learning lots about the car.  An Audi ?  The speedometer on my 
5KTQ seems stuck on 0 when I first start after if has been sitting over 
night or all day, if I just drive for about 3-5 miles it moves into 
operate mode and continues to function properly.  Also the odometer and 
trip mile indicator stop working when the speedo stops.  
	I am not a do it yourselfer in this domain but being informed helps.
	I have not been able to figure out what UFO stands for, also OEM, 
OTOH and BTW and PITA.  
	Finally this car is making me crazy, I want to drive fast and go 
careeing into corners--haven' t felt like this since can't remember when, 
maybe thirty years ago.  I have never felt so secure in my driving.  I am 
exploring the possibility of finding a safe way to indugle these 
fantasies. I'm too old, and too responsible to do it on the road.  Any ideas.
Thanks a bunch