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tap vs IA, more replies

Well, I have received a few more replies, and talked to person who has 
installed quite a few TAP chips, and this is what I have concluded.

TAP mods are fine, but they are very sensative to what the maximum boost
setting is, and one may need to tweak the boost down (or up if your engine
can handle it). It is also critcial that everything be set up correctly in the
first place.  So co must be set according to the way the manual says, no vacuum
leaks, fuel pressurfes ok etc.

I did finally recieve a few negative comments about IA also. In general,
MY conclusion is that they are not worth double the cost of TAP.

Finally, Paul T, list member and q club pres. also has a package that 
sounds well thought out and is an even better value (and according to paul, 
better performance). 

The research continues...