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Re: Oil filters

There are a few other facters bsides how fine it filters and how big the
case is.

A fine filtering filter (oh-oh) is fine but only if the fine filtering
filter flows.  If the fine filtering filter won't flow then most of the
fluid flows thru the bypass (ran out of f's thank god).  Then what good
is a fine filtering filter ?

Also how much stuff can the filter trap before it reduces flow.

So, you say, block the bypass !  Well, besides risking filter burst, it
takes horse power to push oil thru a restrictive filter and I know how
much extra horse power I have sitting under the hood (NOT).

On the race cars that I have had I have used Canton/Mecca oil filters
and now have one on my 914-6.

I am not assoc. w/ them in way but look at these specs:

8 microns
45 GPM  (Gallons/Minute)
Anti-drainback (can be removed for higher flow)
Aluminum Housing w/ removable bottom cover (held by stainless cap
replacable synthetic depth filtration element (holds tons of crap)

Sure, they are expensive (~$80 for the housing, ~$15 element) but how
much does a built up engine cost !!!  I will put one on my '91cq as soon
as I start going through it's engine.

Just one bit on CR.  Just remember to look at the exact test and take
the results with the understanding that they are only valid for that
test (i.e. not the real world).

Nuf said,

bob in Minn (lots of snow and the '91cq, a perfect winter!!)