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Perhaps I'm only writing about my own craving for Audi / VW wagons
but as an owner of 86' VW Q Syn I am dying to hear about newer Q or
Syn versions coming to U.S.  Love MY VW because its not too
flashy...perfect for hauling skis, sailboards, etc on top.  No power
windows, etc..to take care of.  Velour seats. 
Have read that the A4 Wagon / Avant is due by FL 97 here in states
(this according to VWAudi Ger. projections.)  Also see that import of
the VW Syn is due back maybe SP 98'.  IMO the A4QW will make it here
much sooner than a similar VW version.    Why?  Because the Avant is
already in production overseas, whereas the Passat wagon version I've
not yet seen.  (Check out the German Audi Page for good picture of the
A4 Avant Duo).  
These non-luxury models may make replacement  :-/  of the 86' an
option.  Or maybe I'll bite the bullet like all you guys and just
start throwing some $$$$ at req'd work ;-)
86' VW QSyn 
98' A4tqw -or- 98' VW PstSyn ??