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White Smoke Puff was: outsiders posting to the list

Steve Buchholz wrote:

<<... there aren't too many ways that liquid water can get into the
combustion path ... head gaskets and condensation are the only two
sources that come to my mind ...>>

I seem to have found one more when changing the air filter in my '86
5KCSTQ.  The air filter was a bit damp on the bottom.  I thought oh
sh*#!  Felt around the airbox on the outside on the post-filter side...
Cracked!  Patched it up with rubber cement until I find time to pull
it out and properly epoxy it.  Don't know how it happened but another
way for water to enter.  Probably not enough to see it in you exhaust

Mark Pollan
'86 5KCSTQ 208K on the clock and not needing a snorkel.