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I'm so glad I could be of help :-)

Actually, credit should go to Ned Ritchie. I called him to talk about it
(having previously been helped by him in person at Bremerton, but to no
avail at the time) and he pinpointed it right away.
- peter
  peterhe@microsoft.com - http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/1001
  91 200qw
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  issaquah, wa, usa

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>cbernard@gbcsdc2.tsc.bcs.lucent.com wrote:
>> I too have had this stumbling problem. About 1yr ago my 200TQ would die
>> when coasting to a stop from a higher speed, but only occasionally. I
>> found a small crack/hole in the Decel Hose. This hose is 'cloth' covered
>> and runs from the top/back of the motor around and down top of motor on
>> exhuast/turbo side. It is connected to a saucer type device
>> infront/in-between the airbox and turbo. Now the bad news, one yr. later
>> no problem until last month! Its back but even more infrequent! I think
>> I'll have to wait for it to get worse (easier to diagnose).
>No you won't. The turbo bypass valve is your problem. (he pompously 
>pontificated). I had the same problem until I saw Peter H's "An 
>Elusive Stalling Problem" on his webpage ("Yet Another Audi Page"). If 
>you can't find his page, I'll get the address for you.