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In a message dated 97-01-10 13:11:57 EST, you write:

<< >You want to improve what you have, phil?....  Swap the left side with a
 >side (LHD car) with your euros, it's a quick and better light given what
 >already have....  Now both the beam angles up to the forward quadrant
 >on the outside, doing you some good, and you can lower the wattage of the
 >dips even more, offsetting your lumens for pattern, a much better idea, and
 >doubt the oncoming traffic will be any more affected...
 Please explain how Less Lumens is better.... Especially with a superior 
 pattern........  Not following on this one and I'm ThereDT........
 Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
 St. Louis, MO
This must be a test, Eric, I would venture that ANY covetted card carrying
S.O.C. member, whom I would presume works with the lighting (SOL's?) boys for
a living, could explain that as easily as I......  The right/left euro light
is an OLD trick for "better" light, "given" the Euro part....  You are
"ThereDT" with euros, so I would tend to disagree with the term "superior."
 A Z-beam is a superior pattern, actually so is the XL, it being a dedicated
lowbeam and all, you shouldn't throw those away Eric, take the 100w out of
them and mount them above the bumper.....  The whole idea of lighting, as I'm
sure you know, is to create the best light with the least amount of "hot
spots" or "hollows" (which is when you add wattage to the point that you
create bright light in areas you may want at the expense of low light other
places - I'm sure there is SOL terminology for this)....  Euros, by design,
create these hollows, as you add lumens to the low beams.....   You can put a
100w bulb in a 55w driving light, that's lumens (and hot spot), or, you can
add 55w pencil beam (same physical light, different pattern), that's
reflector/lense, not wattage, and correct, and "better," and by definition,
less lumens....   Euros are better than US, but hardly superior, 'cept as
some of you keep reminding me, in the vanity department, no disagreement
there....  I accept the logic of that compromise.....


Scott Justusson S.O.B.
'87 5ktqRS2IA355100W2B