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Re: newcomings

In a message dated 97-01-12 10:31:42 EST, you write:

<<  > My Brother Eric has already told you about my 87 Audi Coupe.
 > I just wanted to say Hi and ask if anyone else with a coupe can tell
 > me of there are any cool upgrades I can do to my car (mechanical or
 > cosmetic).
 "Well, it's not a car you can expect major gains from." 
 I tend to disagree with the above statement!  
 Take a look in the January issue of European Car magazine, the
 Personnels section.
 There you will find a 185hp Coupe GT, which is quite a major gain over
 Also quite a boost in the "fun factor"
I personally found that most high performance gains on a GT to offset it's
great bone stock behavior.....  Torque steer is a very ugly personality, I've
delt with it for 3 cars (GLH Turbo X2 - 225hp, 81 scirocco X1 170hp, 78/81
ProRally scirocco X1 150hp) over the years, and tho managed to dial most of
it out with suspension mods, compromises to stock and preferred setup (wife)
started to raise the ugly head.  GT's have made the 10 best car list for
several years in many automotive journals in rock bone stock trim.  Nowhere
do they ask for more power, as a combination with fwd, it's just right, and
rewarding...  Tweeking one can make you look longingly at the Urq as the
chance to do it right....  9.0 seconds to 60 sounds slow, but the all around
handling of that car was pretty good right from the get go, and fun driving
in that car wasn't a hp equation.... Ask Mr. 400,000 miler...   Eric?....  

If you are choosing an audi anyhow, why not get the q version?  The gains are
major the compromises minor when tweeks applied...  GT, enjoy it flog it,
ride with the comfort of knowing you have the best back seat room in any
2door car built, and a machine that sets the standard for stock competency
comparable even today....  

So the statement:
 "Well, it's not a car you can expect major gains from." 

is dead nuts on, IMO....  It's two pronged, cuz to me it really means that
it's great from the get go....  What's to gain?