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Re: dry performance q's

On Sun, 12 Jan 1997, Phil Payne wrote:

> > But stock, does the q system give an unfair
> > advantage above the competition, given the total package?  Me argues not.
> >  And I haven't been to a track event yet that contradicts this without 
> > the hp in the mix....
> Tain't what BMW think.  Or Alfa Romeo.  Or ovloV.  Or Vauxhall.
> Audi was made to carry a 35kg weight penalty because AWD gave them an 
> _obvious_ advantage in the last season of the BTCC.  They're carrying it again 

If you'll read Scott's post, he does limit the comparison to "Stock" 
Qs, and fully admits AWD's superiority in high HP apps.

> The professionals seem to disagree with you. 

I think the professionals are agreeing entirely with Scott.  Its you that 
doesn't seem to know how to read.

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