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Crash Test Costs?

	Mark sez, reason S8 etc., not brought over is related to crash 
test costs, at least in part.

	Mark I understand your frustration about us not getting the good 
stuff, I have it too.  But, hopefully, Audi is not using the crash test 
thing as its reason not to export / import S8 to US.  With the S6, it was 
emissions probs in far West and far East US.  While crash test costs are 
high, it is not a significant expense---relative to other operating 
costs.  Now, IF the car must be reworked in order to PASS crash test, 
yes, those remedial measures cost real $$$$$$$$.  But, if Audi wanted to 
sell the S8, S2, etc., in US market, it could.  Prob in years past has 
been sales figures [which appear to be changing].  

	Frankly, although I am not a proponent of "big brother", I am a 
proponent of crash tests.  Thankfully, the days of people being skewered 
by the steering column, etc., are ending.  IMHO, Audi doesn't import cars 
like the S8, S2, etc., here because of marketing concerns, not crash test 
costs.  Those costs [testing, not remanufacturing] are insignificant IF 
you can sell enough cars.  

	BTW, I stand corrected on the octane #'s.  Had a brain problem