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New Help Needed

Driving toward Michigan on the west side of the state heading northbound   
provided some REALLY serious crappy weather for Q-testing.  Of course the   
car performed beautifully. although I wish I would have had a set of   
Hake10's instead of D60A2 (but that is beside the point).  I noticed a   
couple of pseudo-serious problems.
1) The center diff lock is only partially functional.  It will come on   
and then cut in and out.  The rear is just fine, but with the rear   
locked, and the front locking and unlocking I wonder if I am headed for   
2) I was driving through about 24 inches of fresh powder (without my skis   
:(    ) and noticed that if I let the engine idle it would start to   
stall.  Was I ingesting snow into the air intake in such heavy   
conditions, or should I be looking for another symptom.
3) I NEED BETTER HEADLIGHTS!  OK  we all agree that stock units suck!  I   
would like to add a set of driving&fog combo lights, that look decent   
without being obnoxious.  Also I would like to add the normal Audi   
switched to the dash for their operation.  (Shooting for the moon)
Note: I know these conditions are rare, but it could happen again.  And I   
wish that non-quattro owners would stay out of the fast lane in crappy   

Robert Dupree
'87 5000CS Quattro  (loving it again!)

PS: Still trouble shooting the ignition noise in the rear ampifier /   
looking for a good ground point.