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Re: newcomings (coupes are ok)

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>So the statement:  "Well, it's not a car you can expect major gains from." 
>is dead nuts on, IMO....  It's two pronged, cuz to me it really means that
it's great from the get go.... > What's to gain? - Scott

I have to basically agree here.  My relatively stock 82 coupe can spin its
tires on dry pavement.  So hp gains turn up two (3) places... passing 
(racing - back to top speed) and ticket territory.  I don't have trouble
executing any "safe" passing manouvers and I DON'T need more tickets.  I
have to restrain my idea of fun to 15 to 60 in second up ramps and cornering
too hard.   BTW the coupe in Jan EC everyone is mentioning is Mike Tipton's.
 He used the high compression engine, among other things.  I've got one to
go in someday.  I don't comsider an engine swap, with all control systems,
to be a "tweak", it's a major rebuild.  The coupe isn't perfect, but it's a
lot of fun.  More power would demand more tires pushing... to use it in the
non-ticket range  

PS it doesn't matter how much power you have when you're underwater.

U boat commander out.
Huw Powell

HUMAN Speakers