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Re: water in gas or bad cat?

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

>Oh, going from a level surface to a hill seems to change the running - both
chokes were entering a driveway. 

The accelerator producing "less" revs does sound like when my cat went.  And
not like crappy gas.  crappy gas usually produces stumbling and irregularity
IME.  When my cat went it went big time, couldn't get any high revs at all
and power steadily decreased while the oil heated up more & more - in fact
when I parked it it blew out the remaining hose in the cooling system I
hadn't replaced.  Your level issue could be very valid - the cat is
basically a big chunk of honeycomb, like a block with a zillion holes going
all the way through in one direction.  When they go "bad" that block breaks
and a piece can get stuck sideways and block exhaust flow.  No sulfur smell
necessary.  It could be that you have a piece that isn't very loose and it
falls just a little on that slope.  Sometimes blocking, sometimes not.  I
don't know how to test this without dropping part of the exhaust system. 
You don't want to let it go because a piece can get lodged in the pipe or
muffler behind the cat, more $ or awkward coat hanger manouvres.  BTDT.

> where does water sit, at the bottom or the top of the tank?

The bottom.  use dry gas, run the tank out, etc.

>I had the car idling for about an hour after I put in the dry gas, but
before the techron and fillup.  It ran fine, full power.  Thanks for any
feedback on the above problems.  I've never had problems with water in my
tank, but I've seen enough containers of dry gas over the years to convince
me it does happen.

| Dan |

Huw Powell

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