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RE: "Rocket Science vs Cellular Science" - some humor (no audicontent)

Working for Mot doesn't mean you'll get away from that A4 budget. Case
in point:
I work for Motorola and I would be very hard pressed to go out and buy a
new A4
And working here in the Bay Area I make alot more then say a Mot
employee in
Illinois doing the same job, i.e. printed circuit design. Of course in
my case we have
a single income, 2 kids and house. All of which equate to NO MONEY!
(Audi taste on a VW budget)
>From: 	Mark Quinn/HNS[SMTP:Mark_Quinn@notesgw.hns.com]
>Sent: 	Monday, January 13, 1997 11:31 AM
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>Subject: 	Re: "Rocket Science vs Cellular Science" - some humor (no
>Scott writes:
>> looks like Mark has some good job security to save for
>>that S8....
>Yeah, well maybe I need to look for a job w/Motorola.  Right
>now I have S8 tastes on an A4 budget (still - that's not bad!)
>-Mark Quinn