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lights/ wheels 4 sale.

WANTED: Center and pass side V8 tail light lenses. (already tried: Santa
Fe, Dads, $hokan, Autosports, AVS)

- OE/BBS mesh wheels/tires from 90 90q 20v.
- OE ‘turbo’ [not Fuchs :(] wheels/tires from 86 5ktq.
  both sets very clean, with nearly new tires (8k miles each set on
tires) Info on request. 

- tail lights from 91 200q. 
- head lights from 91 200q.

Everything but 90 wheels located in San Diego, CA. 90 wheels located in
western Michigan.  I need to make room, so let me know if you’re

Sargent Schutt
91 200q
86 5ktq

e-mail: foundation1@earthlink.net