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Re: dry performance q-s..

> i'm interested in this.  you've got an 85 ur-q.  did you have the centre
> locked?

Not at that times I spun although I did experiment with it later ... I'm not
sure whether it's an improvement or not.  Definitely changed the feel of the
car, though.

> at what point in the turn were you lifting off?

I was lifting off in an effort to tuck the front end just prior to the apex
... if you get it just right, the car rotates and sets up nicely for a VERY
quick exit under power.

I *wasn't* trailbraking -- a hard habit for me to break after all the years
I've spent racing FWD cars -- and while I was left-foot braking, I was done
braking by then and just had my foot over the pedal.
> you'll have to trust me on this, but i have lifted the inside front on my
> 20v ur-q and not suffered the same snap, the car is much more comfortable
> in these conditions.

Actually, the "snap" could prove useful if I learn how to anticipate and/or
catch it ... not for street use, mind you, but autocrossing.  It helps kill
some of the ever-present understeer.

Interestingly, I have seen some photos in magazines of Ur-Qs lifting inside
front wheels ... I always figured it was an optical illusion since I didn't
think the front anti-roll bar could be THAT stiff.  I'll have to check into
this some more ... stay tuned.

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