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Re: Tire wear

> Goodyear GA's that came with the car is worn down, and I need to
> ...
> Now - can it really be right those tires only lasted 25k?
> Thats less than the performance tires on my previous Corrado.
> We drive the car briskly, but not more than that.  I obviously
> can't speak for the previous owner.

Well, my '93 90 came with GAs too. They were pretty much shot
by 25k, though I stretched them to about 29k, though driving in
the wet was dicey...

The guys at my local dealer were surprised the tired had lasted
that long. They said many people had to replace them after only 20k.
Mostly due to uneven wear, shaking, wobbling and general crappiness.

I went with Yokohama U+4s as replacements, which I've been fairly
happy with. They didn't start to get really sticky though until I'd
ground off about half the tread... They've lasted 20k so far,
including a couple trips to Watkins Glen. They'll be toast in about
another 5k; I haven't had any vibration, wear, wobble, etc. problems.

Don't think Yokohama's making the U+4 any more, but I've heard
good things about its replacement, the S4-Z.