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Re: Can you give me some guidance?

Shields instructs:

> 12. Reinstall the pulley with the new belt.  You're supposed to
> use Loctite 573 on the bolt but no one knows where to find it, so I
> substituted regular 242.  Use your 2084 (or rope) and get it *tight*,
> like 500-600 Nm.  Spec is 350 Nm but that's *with* a torque-multiplying
> extension.

I called Loctite some years ago to find the American equivalent.  I do not
remember the number nor can I find it, but the equivalent is Loctite PST.
It is a lubricating thread compound that contains Teflon.  It "prevents
thread galling" and seizing.  Put it on the entire bolt wherever it contacts
the mating parts.  This includes under the head.  This allows easy removal
later.  The torque read at the bolt is 1.976 times that stated in Bentley.
My car is 252 x 1.976 ~= 498 ft/lb.  My bolt uses a 1 1/16 " socket.  The
first time that I removed mine it came right off, no problem.  I did
use the extension tool with a 3/4" drive breaker bar from Sears.

Don Hoefer
'82 Coupe