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Re: Can you give me some guidance?

> I called Loctite some years ago to find the American equivalent.  I do not
> remember the number nor can I find it, but the equivalent is Loctite PST.
> It is a lubricating thread compound that contains Teflon.  It "prevents
> thread galling" and seizing.  Put it on the entire bolt wherever it contacts
> the mating parts.  This includes under the head.  This allows easy removal
> later.

Hmm... not a locking compound?  Seems to me that 242 would be a better
idea.  This would also mean that I torqued mine about right at 500-600
since it would be 1.976*350 = 691.6 Nm *with lubricant*.

I also thought, and I could be totally wrong on this, that they sold
all the lubricating products under the Permatex name.

Does it really contain Teflon?  If so the Teflon's not doing anything
useful any more than it does in Slick 50...

> My bolt uses a 1 1/16 " socket.

Whatcha doing with these 'Murican sockets on an Audi?