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35MM Offset on 90 90Q20v

Hi Folks,

     I'm switching out of my 14inch "lace" BBS wheels to a 15inch wheel to
do a Plus1 conversion so that I can put 50series tires on my 90 90Q20v for
driving-skills track events this Spring and Summer.  The wheels I'm
interested in picking up have a 35MM offset as opposed to the factory spec.
     Being new to this type of modification I'd like to know what I can
expect from this change in wheel offset (if any).  Does anyone have much
experience in this area, particularly with this machine?
     I would very much appreciate any feedback.
     BTW: Thanks to the list, I believe I'm going to go with the 205/15 50
Dunlop Sp8000s.

          Thanks Much......Paul W. Royal