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Re: Synthetic Oil & Stuff

It was said:

>Strictly looks at his vehicles
>for the transporation vs cost factor; no love of the technology, doesn't
>care what the next owner will face.

I'd venture to guess...no love for the machinery equals no respect for it
I've gotta say; some of what we listers do is inspired by practicality, and
 some is
inspired by love, and some of what we do inspired by respect for the
machinery and
just an ethic that it's a "good thing" to take care of stuff.  Your
friend's rationale is
indeed practical (to a point) but irrelevant to folks that just love cars
and motors.

Great car maintenance, like truly great sex, requires not only
perspiration...but inspiration---
  I hope your friend finds his inspiration someday!

Hey, Bob D....have at!