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RE: Speed trap(some politics-no Audi content)

OK - I'll pipe up then.

I watched the "Mean Streets" segment and as usual they were dealing in
partial information.

No mention at all of stupid, uneducated drivers doing stupid and illegal
things. Only "agressive drivers flashing their lights and honking their
horns". Oh my, here I am puttering along at 25mph in the left lane (as
is my God given right, of course) and some big, ol' nasty brute is
flashing his lights at me. Oh dear.

My favourite part was when they showed a blue previous generation Supra
flashing its lights to pass with both cars *in the right most lane*...
- peter
  peterhe@microsoft.com - http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/1001
  91 200qw
  94 acura legend gs
  issaquah, wa, usa

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>First, thanks for pointer to this web page.
>Oh good! Another rebel among us stating the facts rather then buying the
>fantasies. Steve, can I assume
>you didn't buy Barbara Walter's report on "Woad Wage" or Jane Polly's
>"Mean Streets" either?
>If you listen to the media or (Yes I know, I've been chastised once
>already) "The Government" you'd be lead to believe
>that nearly all accidents are speed related. Road and Track had some
>real statistics a few issues back about speeding.
>It is as Steve points out(IMO). The stats are twisted for one purposes -
>money. Too bad.
> On the other hand, I commute over a rather dangerous stretch of road
>where often attitudes rule and common sense
>seems left at home. Here, thankfully there is not only good protection
>by the CHP but a webpage devoted to pointing
>out these people who regularly jeopardize our safety - HWY17's Hall of
>Shame. Let me restate that this is a very dangerous
>Hwy and the speed trap here is warranted IMO - The concrete center
>divide didn't hurt either(figuratively speaking).
>(Getting closer to that urQ)
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>>> Lead foots,
>>> For all you guys and gals who like to drive fast check out the internet
>>> site "speedtrap" on you webcrawler.  It list all the potential speed trap
>>> sites by state and city.
>>... and feel free to contribute those that you are aware of!
>>No flame, but I did have a comment on the lead foot statement ... Although 
>>there are times where the REOs [Revenue Enhancement Officers] do use speed 
>>traps due to safety concerns, in many if not most cases speed traps are 
>>primarily intended to help bring in a little extra bonus for the local 
>>governments.  The thing that bugs the [crap] outta me is the assumption 
>>that speed limits are either divinely inspired or somehow tied to physical
>>laws.  I'd be happy if I knew that only the 85th percentile guideline was 
>>used.  There are so many situations where you wonder what the people who 
>>made the limits were thinking ... and I'm not saying that all limits are 
>>too low ... I can cite some situations where they are higher than they 
>>should be as well [IMO of course] ... 
>>The major downside to the speedtrap policy [here again IMO] is that I know
>>that to me it has caused me to lose most of the respect that I had for law
>>enforcement officers.  Being brought up in a military family I did have a
>>good deal of it to begin with ... and now I jokingly refer to the San Jose 
>>Police as [Mayor Susan] Hammer's Whores.  What else can they consider them-
>>selves when they sit out in the middle of nowhere, yet the speed limit is 
>>artificially low, on a street corner waiting to pick someone up ... and they
>>do have those red lights ... ;)
>>Steve Buchholz
>>San Jose, CA (USA)