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RE: a q awdry

So who's this John Cleland guy?

I'll refrain from (most) comments about racing improving the breed, "put
up or shut up" etc. etc...
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>From:	Dave Eaton [SMTP:dave.eaton@minedu.govt.nz]
>btw in further reference to the advantage of awd, john cleland is quoted in
>latest autosport in reference to 1997:-
>"things are looking good as long as audi isn't allowed to walk away with it
>if you ask me 4 wheel drive should be banned tomorrow, not next year.  but as
>here for another season, alan gow,  the guy who runs the btcc, has to do the
>thing about the weight or it will be a joke.  at the moment, with things as
>the fia 
>has left them [with a 95kg weight penalty over the fwd cars and a 45 kg
>over the rwd cars], frank biela could win the btcc towing a caravan."