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Re:$200 paint job

> From: ejfluhr@austin.ibm.com (Fluhr)
> While we are on the subject, about how much would a GOOD paint job cost?
> $1000?  $1500?  

I think this will vary with your local area, and also how you define GOOD.
If you mean having the hardware and glass pulled, and getting door sills and
whatnot painted, the price rises significantly.

>From experience, I can tell you that the undiscounted cost of the supplies
to paint a car like that in acrylic urethane will be on the order of $500.
Add to that the painter's mark-up and labor and I don't see how it could be
*less* than $1500; with lots of prep and repair maybe several thousands. Ask
around to get the line on who does quality work in your area.

> What if the existing paint is peeling off and in generally bad condition?

If its really bad then they might have to strip it to the metal.  More labor
and materials $$.

> What kind of prep work could I do myself to cut costs?

The quality of the prep will show through to the paint.  Probably you'd
be limited to removing lights and other exterior hardware that needs to
come off anyway.  Whoever lays down the paint will want control of  the
preparation of the body surface, that prep is the difference between a
"like new" smooth finish and just getting new paint over existing dings
and creases.

> Anyone know if it is possible to get the factory color (graphite), or would
> I have to switch to real black (ugh)?

The local PPG store was able to get me the original color for my 1974 Datsun,
they have a catalog and cross reference to be able to mix equivalent colors to
the factory ones.  I don't know if Audis are peculiar, but most colors can be

> I have a nice tax return due, and I am wondering if I can afford to finally
> get a good paint job.  
> Thanks,
> Eric

presently audiless but reading all these A4 1.8T posts with interest...