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S Cost

I've been following this thread with interest. I have been driving a
1991 90Q20V (with some mods) for 5 years. I've enjoyed the car and it
still goes great and if you replace all the sh*t that seems to wear out
at about the same time, probably will go on forever.

Recently I've been thinking about changing the car (bored?). Saw the A8
and S8 at the Sao Paulo (Brazil) Auto Show. The S8 is one hell of an
automobile but at 100K+ in the US (if you could get it) it is out. The
A8 is a bit like driving a boat (tested it at Champion in Pompano, FL
last week) and even at 60K+, pretty expensive. The A4 (2.8) is a good
looking car, has most of what you might want in it but underpowered and
very little you can do about it aftermarket.

The A4 (1.8T) is basically the same car with a smaller engine (albeit
potentially modifiable upto 420 HP) but a 1.8 litre engine gives me the
feeling that I have a sowing machine in front. The 1.8T, in my opinion,
inside (and out) is also very cheap looking and feeling. Even the
upgraded interior does not come close to the 2.8 standard.

The ideal, in my opinion, would be a 2 door version of a Turbo 2.8L A4Q.
But Audi does not have it and since their marketing strategy in the US
seems to be directed to mainstream America, very unlikely to have it.

As a result, I'm beginning to lean towards an M3 and I wonder how many
others are also? It has everything I want except the Q. Heresy on this
list, I'm sure, but.....

Still looking,