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Re: Making Audi A Player

> 4. Skoda-Czech subsidiary. This is the most price concious of the line.
> Skoda builds mostly small cars, but is releasing it's first A Chassis
> sedan,  a 4 Door hatchback.

I think this is called the Octavia, which is
based on the A3 platform.  Loosely translated from the Spanish
magazine I brought back this summer:

Despite its great length, 4.51 meters long, it is based on the 
platform that is being used in the Audi A3 and will serve as the
base for the new Golf and the replacement of the (Seat) Toledo, which
will arrive in 97 and 98 respectively.  The Octavia...seems like a
much larger car.  Trunk capacity of 528 litres.  Expected to produce
about 80000 units next year.  Engines are 1.6 74hp, 1.6 101hp,
1.8 125hp, 1.9sdi 68hp and 1.9tdi 90hp.
It is expected that in Germany the Octavia will cost 500DM less
than a comparable Golf, and the top model with 125hp is
expected to cost 1000DM less.

| Dan |