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On Fri, 17 Jan 97, human <human@nh.ultranet.com> wrote:
>-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --
>The coupe (aka golden submarine...) now has an oxygen sensor again!  Got a
>$7 fitting from a local speed shop, drilled a nasty old hole in the crude
>custom pipe behind my 4kq downpipe and welded that sucker in.  Installed new
>Bosch 3 wire sensor, and hooked up the signal wire.  I have to decide where
>to tap in for the heater wire - I'd like to avoid using a relay but I'm sure
>the existing circuits can't handle the load.  Without my measuring it,
>anyone know what the current draw is?  Two possible taps would be the at the
>coil or the warm up regulator (second preferable).  The fuse box is probably
>the proper place to go for my Ignition 12 volts but I'm lazy.  And its cold 
>(+5 F) out!  
>I can look forward to better than 22 mpg, I hope, once I readjust the
>Boy the Audi loves the cold.  More molecules of the old O2 per liter I guess

Seems to me you asking for trouble if you start tapping wires haphazardly.  
Sure, you can tap into your coil because its easier and its cold.  But who knows 
how cold it will be when she fries herself and leaves you on the roadside.

Sorry, just anal about wiring I guess...

-Stott Hare      
'84 4Ksq  (black _& blue_, have turbo, waiting to install)
Biddeford, Maine

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