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Re: oil temp - 200Q

In a message dated 97-01-17 22:41:09 EST, you write:

<< >80 Celcius - the first mark on the gauge. What temperatures
 >Sounds about right - that's the highest my 91 200 gets to w/20W-50
 >Amsoil except for during track driving on hot days.
 NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!
 80C is 176F  way, way, too cold!!!!!!!!!
 Avi Meron
 86 5Kcstq
Avi is correct, but I would trust the guage less and the thermostat more....
 Indeed all 5kt/200t/q's use a 100C thermostat for the oil cooler....  So, if
you read 80, and verify that independent of the guage, then you have a
thermostat problem....  If you indeed are running at 80C your gas mileage
will decrease, and you are not boiling the moisture out of your oil at
operating temps, neither a desired trait....  In a q, you want everything to
happen at 100C, and do everything after that to keep it from rising above
that....  In other words, if you are adding a larger radiator or a larger oil
cooler, the thermostats should open at 100C....  Less is hardly better