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Re: oil temp - 200Q

In a message dated 97-01-18 13:18:21 EST, you write:

<< On most cars, the correct water thermostat starts to open at 87 Celcius
and is 
 so marked.  It is fully open at 102 Celcius.
 Oil thermostats vary - some engines don't even have them.
Oil temp - 200 q the post.  Most q's do have those.... Regarding thermostats,
you might be careful on the generic post of those, phil, audis have one oil
thermo listed @100C, but a myriad of combinations of water thermos and fan
switch thermos....  Best to stick with stock application for your car...
 Without the boring details, there are more than just obvious reasons for
it....   BTW, if anyone needs the part numbers for these audi thermo
matricies, I do have them.