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Re: 97 A4Q Specifications

On Jan 18,  1:46pm, Mark Blum wrote:
> Subject: RE: 97 A4Q Specifications
> Uh-oh,
> > Absolutely.  You should be scared if your oil never gets
> > up to 220F!  It needs to be at least that hot for prolonged
> > periods once in a while, to get rid of moisture.
> I might have a problem then.  I have a 97 A4 and my gauge only gets
> up to about 200F (about the 1/4 mark) even on extended runs (~2
> hours).  My coolant gets up to a exactly a hair below the midpoint
> on the gauge, but my oil never gets past 200F-205F.  Is this a
> problem?

I don't think so.  Sorry, I was a bit extreme in my post!  It's
not like water won't evaporate at 200F... it will, of course.