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Part # for 4KQ rear strut nut?

Why don't I ever find out about these things until the car is apart? 
(Just a rhetorical question here folks.)

A friend's '87 4KQ is down at the local tire shop getting new shocks
installed today.  (Hey, they're cheaper than my usual mechanic, and
they've learned how to read the Bentley manual when I provide it for

The fronts went off w/o a hitch, but we have a dilemma in doing the
rears.  Apparently, the last person to replace the rear struts didn't
care much how the car went together.  (Hell, they used Gabriel struts!)

Both sides are missing that funky little nut that requires the $45 tool
from Zelenda to remove, so the top nut was bolted right down on top of
the strut bearing.  You _don't_ want to know what those bearings looked

Does anybody (partictularly someone w/ a 4KQ parts fiche!) have the part
number for those little nuts?  I'd like to have the # so that I can give
to the tire shop so they don't have to worry about it.  Normally it
wouldn't be an issue, but since I won't be able to supervise on Monday,
it would make me feel better about it.



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